Ravel Day EP

Album, 2008
Musician, composer, designer, photographer

The Mugs second EP

Ravel Day EP Cover

Ravel Day EP is, more or less, the smoldering remains of what could have been our summer 2008 cross-country tour. Our original plan at the start of the year was to do lots of touring around these wonderful states of ours, but two engagements, two funerals, and one life-threatening illness later, the open road seemed a less-likely option. Since we weren’t heading out of Brooklyn for the summer, we got out the microphones and recording gear, and this new EP is a reflection of that time.

podcast-songoftheday“Could It Be” was featured as KEXP’s “Song of the Day“, and we performed it live for NPR and Radio New York. The song of the day podcasts are free and are available on iTunes, KEXP’s website, or from KEXP’s blog. “Could It Be” was also be a part of their Music That Matters podcast Vol. 122 – “The Only Road I’ve Ever Been Down” (free download from iTunes).

KEXP also did a really nice write-up, and you can read it on their blog here or on facebook here. Thanks to KEXP and John Richards for the support.

With each release we try to do something new, and Ravel Day EP features lead vocals from each member of the group. We also did some personalization with the packaging that started with a hundred heavily altered photos that we pasted up around our neighborhood. Each EP was glued and stamped by hand, and we also included a Polaroid series and original “source” photo that the street art started from in the first 100 cd’s we put together.

The actual cover art for the EP has one of 4 different photos of that street art we put up around Brooklyn. Here are a few of the Polaroids included in the packaging:

You can see pictures of the street art, Polaroids, and other related things here (humdrumboy) and here (b. tieman). To hear songs from the album, you can also go to our myspace.

All songs © 2008 The Mugs
A Brick Called Alcohol Music (ASCAP)
TRT = 23:41

The Mugs are:
Jeremy Gough – Vocals, Keyboards, Trumpet
J. Nicholas Moy – Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Percussion
Ryan Raffa – Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
Brett Tieman – Bass, Vocals, Guitar

Engineered, recorded, and mixed at City Closet Storage Studios, Brooklyn, NY
by The Mugs
Self produced: recorded January – June 2008 / released August 26th

Mastered at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY
by Alan Douches

Layout Assistance by Naomi Donabedian
Inspirado by F. Trainer
Photos by humdrumboy and Brett Tieman

Available at Music Matters and iTunes.