Postcard Instruction Set

Postcard project, 2009

Design an instruction set for the users of Bryan Park.

As part of a group project for Interface Major Studio, Minhao Yu and I developed an instruction set for the users of Bryant Park. Through research and observation, we determined the location within the park to carry out our project and created a self-addressed postcard that requested the individual to respond to a series of questions as well as draw a personal logo.

We prepared 4 sets of 25 colored postcard questionnaires, and when I handed the postcards to the individual or group, I did not let them know what it was that I was handing them.

The affordances of the object (the question, the address and stamped postcard) would indicate to the person what we wanted them to do, which was to fill out the questionnaire and mail it back to us.

Out of the 100 postcards that we handed out to visitors/commuters of the park, 25 were mailed back to us. The responses varied in tone and effort, but all postcards returned shed more light on the people who visit Bryant Park.

The challenges to the project involved the complete physical transformation of the park from summer venue to winter skating rink. These changes, as well as the affects on the visitors of the park, all made for an amazing learning experience in research, ethnography, experience design, and instruction sets.