Max/MSP Controller

Gestural-based music controller, 2009
Designer, developer

“This project is nothing short of delectable.”

This gesture controller makes use of an ADXL 335 Accelerometer and an Arduino board that communicates serially with Max MSP. The custom Max/MSP application is a sequencer that allows for a delay-type effect on each track individually or any combination of each.

The buttons at the top of the controller activates or deactivates the delay effect on each of the tracks. By tilting the controller side to side, the user is able to control the speed at which the sequencer moves. By tilting forward and back, the user controls the intensity of the delay effect on each the tracks.

The controller has inputs for 5 tracks, and the 6th button applies the delay affect on all tracks. Here are links to the Max MSP code (plus the abstraction) and the Arduino code. The buttons are connected to Digital Pins 2 through 6, and the LED’s are connected to Digital Pins 9 through 13. The acceleromter X axis is connected to Analog Pin 0, and the Y axis is connected to Analog Pin 1.

Here is a video of the controller in user testing:

A special thanks to Daniel Jolliffe for the code that provides Analog and Digital communication between the Arduino and Max MSP. Also, thanks to Joel Murphy (Phys Comp) and Rob Ramirez (Max MSP) for the assistance.

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