Interactive Chair

Chair, 2010
Designer, developer

Create a chair for the ICFF

This piece was selected as one of the best Product Design projects done during the 2009-2010 academic school year. Images and descriptions of the piece were placed in the permanent New School Archives.

In collaboration with Zane Murray, a Product Designer at Parsons, we developed an interactive architecture prototype of a chair. We envision environments that are not made up of static objects, but fluid and dynamic systems that respond to simple gestures, taking various desired forms. Our prototype is of a chair that could be formed anywhere within a room.

This is a video demonstration of our prototype:

In addition to floors, woven materials made of flexible metal and reusable/recycled components could be embedded with intelligent technology within walls, ceilings, and other surrounding spaces that provide a full feedback loop of true interaction. Here are a number of photos of the prototype:

The programming for this project was done with two Ardweeny chips running an Arduino program that I wrote making use of the Servo library (see comments for code). These chips were placed on to two separate pc boards attached to 10 full-rotation servo motors as well as 2 sensors (Ultrasonic Range Finder – Maxbotix LV-EZ1) and 10 reed switches. The reed switches were placed at the end of each row and magnets were used to consistently calibrate the location of the wheeled carts guiding the nitinol.