Disaster Preparedness Game

Game, 2010

Focusing on natural disasters (earthquake, flood, typhoon, etc), develop a relief preparedness education game for children and young adults.

Client: Mercy Corps and Nokia Research
Role: Designer

“Natural disasters occur frequently in China, affecting more than 200 million people every year. They have become an important restricting factor for economic and social development.”
– Disaster Emergency Management in China

“If you spend $1 on preparedness, you save $10 when a disaster happens.”
Yue Yao, Mercy Corps

Group members included Emily Chen, Senem Cinar, Jessy Ji, Ryan Raffa, and Jennifer Schubert and in collaboration with Tsinghua University and China Academy of Art.

Using the unpredictability of natural disasters as a key component of game play, our goal was to illustrate how fortunes can change based on decisions made during the game. Our key question was, “what is a community-based learning experience that will accurately inform teenagers and young adults about the unpredictable nature and important steps to take after a natural disaster?”, and our target audience were the students from the Dandelion School in Beijing.

For the full presentation with current game rules, click here.