iPad app, 2013
Designer, Developer
A collaboration with Anna Pinkas

Breadcrumbs is an iPad app that records the process of problem solving. The app allows students to reflect on their method and share it with their peers and teachers.

The challenge we are addressing is the inability for students and teachers to see how students approach problems, specifically math problems. Teachers may see the right or wrong answer or an incomplete solution, but they are unable to see the many steps, turns, and decisions over time taken by a student. In addition, students do not have the tools necessary to reflect on their own work and access the many ways they approach challenging questions.

Breadcrumbs reveals all the steps taken when solving a problem and asks students to reflect on their own learning and problem solving. Students are also able to share their various methods to problem solving with their peers. Our hope is that students and teachers alike are able to see the many approaches taken in problem solving.

Here are images of the intro explaining and illustrating key elements of the app:






This is an EDesign Lab project. We’ve had the great fortune to be working with New Visions for Public Schools through this stage of the process, and a huge thanks goes to Eric Allatta, Hsing Wei, Liza Stark, Scott Bruss, and David Wees for helping us with key feedback and encouragement.

This app was made using openFrameworks.