Visit to the Freedom Tunnel

Fellow Thesis student, Aaron Druck, and I went to the Upper Way-West side today to pay a visit to the Freedom Tunnel. I always had a desire to go there after seeing Dark Days, and since a close friend had talked about it, a friend of his made a documentary there, and the fact that I’m including graffiti as a form for my thesis, I was basically required to go to this place.

Jumping fences is just fun. It sends adrenaline running through the veins, especially when there are Amtrak trains running past you. We entered the tunnel and were surprised at how much light there was. Even on an overcast day, there was plenty of areas where you could see clearly. It was just amazing. The walls just this dusty, choppy texture. The rocks and the lighting made the whole place feel like it was on another planet.

The goal for me was to get a good look at the legendary graffiti location. The new school artists have their own unique places, and since most of the older pieces that were in the streets of New York have been either weathered away, cleaned-off, or painted over, my hope was to see some classic work in the flesh.

Here is a video of our way out, and there was a lot of action on our exit. A train blows by us and some mole people test out there ladder. A little shakey, but I think you get the point. Make sure you check if the train is coming because it comes really fast.

Next scheduled visit is the writer’s bench in the Bronx.

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