Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire

I got word from the 2011 Open Hardware Summit that I’ll be showing my Thesis project, RhythmSynthesis, during the Demo portion of the proceedings. The event will take place September 15 at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. It was a great event last year, and I’m excited about contributing to the event this year.

RhythmSynthesis will also be included in this year’s Maker Faire, which is August 17 and 18 also at the New York Hall of Science. For those who haven’t been to the event, here is a little info from the Maker Faire website:

Maker Faire brings together families and individuals to celebrate the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset and showcase all kinds of incredible projects. At Maker Faire, you’ll find arts and crafts, science and engineering, food and music, fire and water but what makes this event special is that all these interesting projects and smart, creative people belong together. They are actively and openly creating a maker culture.

I had an amazing time volunteering with New Youth City, meeting all the makers, and seeing all the projects last year. Definitely looking forward to this one.

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