Ryan Raffa
I’m a musician, artist, and educator living in Taipei, Taiwan.

I’m interested in bridging gaps. Whether that’s between artists and their own process, designers and technology, educators and students, or educators understanding other educators, I spend a lot of my time and energy thinking about and closing those gaps for others.

I love performing. Making music is the closest I get to conveying and depicting a thought, idea or feeling as I experience and understand it.

I’ve been fortunate to work with great people. In addition to working with the amazing students in my classrooms, projects I learned and engaged in collaboration and relationships of creative exchange that reward well beyond their closure and completion include being a member of the The Mugs, co-authoring the BFA Design + Technology curriculum, writing the Creative Coding Minor, and initiating a Creative Technology Pre-College Academy partnership with New Visions for Public Schools at Parsons, archetyping curriculum and learning paths for Design Lab and conducting faculty and student workshops at ISDI Mumbai.

I completely nerd out when it comes to audio. Whether it’s instruments, equipment, microphones, outboard gear, or new and old music, if it’s related to sound, I’m going to geek out on it.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to show and talk about my work. Events and shows at CultureHub/La MaMa Galleria, Aronson Gallery, Temp Art Space, Mozilla, SIGGRAPH, ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition, Critical Themes at SVA, CBGB, KEXP and NPR were moments I was able to meet and share ideas with people making real, positive impacts on this world.


ryanraffa (at) gmail dot com


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